The secret underground passage in the Castle of Milan

Castello Sforzesco is one of the symbol of Milan. Is a fortified structure that, during centuries, marked the destiny of population and considered by Milan population more as threaten than a defensive bastion. Within its walls worked the genius Leonardo Da Vinci, when, at Ludovico known as Il Moro court, also took up the military architecture of manor house.
Many of his military and hydraulic inventions were studied and implemented all over the city of Milano also, Castello Sforzesco took advantages from them.

So were realized numerous tunnels, capable of articulate for hundreds of meters down the city subsoil.
Most of all these works were forgotten; they were clogged, buried or abandoned for centuries.
During the post-world war II period some of these subterranean environments of the castle were re-utilized for acquire new spaces and to value the possibility of increase tourists’ offer for visiting the complex.
In the 80s, the basements were revealed and studied with accuracy. The researchers focused mostly on “strada della ghirlanda” known also as “strada coperta”. A long tunnel, which runs within the side of defensive moat. At inner of this tangled labyrinth, composed by artificial recesses, was discovered a particular tunnel.
It came out in the direction of actual Parco Sempione, once wide country. Dark and restricted, different from the others more ample, was believed as the legendary secret passage, a hidden tunnel used as escaping way during a siege. Only in recent times the study of tunnels’ architecture led to his original function. The presence of vertical guides testify the possibility to make guillotine fall. Logically realized to supervise waters’ flow and not for beheaded someone.
At the inside, along its paving were found many little shells of freshwater, to testify the ancient presence of water.
Many elements allow us to deduce its hydraulic nature. It was an element useful to lead freshwater to the moat, to avoid the creation of swamp. Probably it wasn’t the only tunnel used for this purpose, probably there existing many others with the same duty. Allow water to create swamps was a huge problem, because it propagate mildews, seaweeds, mosquitos and diseases.
In this video we’re presenting unique and rare sequences, filmed in its interior, where isn’t allowed the access nether during tours. A unique and unusual vision of a famous and known mystery linked to this castle.

Follow the exploration, join the adventure!



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