Teses Mystery Channel

TMC ENG – Teses movies dubbed in English!

Finally we have a great opportunity. Doubling our videos in English thanks to the guys of UnderSky Production.
This is first video i can show you: the secret passage of the Castle of Milan. Many legends about hidden underground paths built to let people escape from castle. Here it is:

Not only we will reach a much wider audience, but we have the opportunity to be closer to all the friends and fans who follow us for years outside of Italy.
Many times people who live in England, in the United States, in South America and everywhere else in the world asked me when we were going to dub our movies.
Now we can. We can more easily share our adventures, our research and our findings.
To share our Teses Mystery Channel production is very important to me and it will be a strange feeling to listen to me dubbed into another language.
It had happened once, many years ago, when i recorded an interview for an American broadcast, “The Scariest Places on Earth“, a program with Linda Blair, the ex-child in famous movie “The Exorcist“.
Be ready to live those explorations with me, looking for secret passages, underground walkways, hidden treasures.
Surrounded by legends of ghosts, between fragments of history and archeology we will try to describe and to explain the origin of certain traditions.
Guys, thanks for following us, share what we are producing, inviting friends and family!

Join the adventure!



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